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It’s just not that blasé

Updated: May 26, 2019

I‘ve been teaching voice to students of all ages for years now.

There seems to be some misconseption about singing that sometimes confuses me.

Its just not that blasé.

We all have seen a ridiculous number of music videos, no mater what generation you are, at this point in time you have experienced them. Somewhere along the line we’ve assumed what the expert artists are doing is just... easy.

I mean, it must be right?

Just watching the video, that artist, barely opening their mouth, smiling while singing the ooooo in their video.

They make it seem like it’s just that easy.

Sure, you can whisper your every word...

I’m Kidding. We want to hear you.

The truth is singing is a fully physical act.

You don’t take in a quick breath and blurt out some extensive riff that floors the people in the orchestra seats.

Its knowing your body.

Its connecting your mind and ear and voice and diaphragm.

Its health and self care.

Its working out.

it’s effort, and practice, and traction and use.

And it’s constantly learning more about the craft and becoming healthier humans that live long healthy vocal lives, that drives this voice teacher to do what she loves every. single. day.

Growing your craft is starting a journey and following through on it. It’s gaining experience through walking the path out.

There is so very much to learn, and walking out the learning path will mean giving it time.

Join me.

Learn more.

Grow more.

Excel at your craft.

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