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Past, Present, Future

In the past, there were easier ways to handle lessons for students. Referrals were a hard drive to find new credible students, and typically that would work.

These days the path to growing my student load has changed. Reaching out can be difficult, and finding students can be hard to navigate with the current health situation. It is important to know that the health situation in our country is important to the teachers and me at YPV Music Studios and that we take our health and yours seriously. We encourage in-person students and teachers to stay home if they are feeling under the weather. We also respect your choices and have provided options for all students to come for lessons in person or choose to take their lessons virtually.

As the world continues to shift beneath us, we are always thinking forward to stay ahead of the game.

Looking to the future, we plan on keeping virtual lessons as an option.

What does this mean for scheduling?

Moving forward, I will be keeping office hours where you or any.

One in the YPV Music Studio family can meet with me; you will be able to schedule those by booking them on the website or emailing me directly.

My hours will be held on Mondays and Tuesdays from 8 am EST to 3 pm EST. During these hours, I will reply to emails and chat with any who book time with me. If you have specific concerns about your personal singing voice and want the individual time to be able to correct any singular question, I am going to have you record yourself on your phone and email me the clip. Add the specific issue in question, and I will be able to reply to you if you cannot make it to the office hours.

I love this idea for everyone because it allows you to take your subscribed lessons and still save money while getting an individualized training option. I have always constructed my lessons around individuals' needs, and I want to keep that no matter how the world changes.


You can subscribe to online lessons now; the first 10 people to start their subscription will receive a free 30-minute voice lesson!

YPV Music Studios plans to continue to work with local event coordinators for opportunities like the Hamden Park Back to School Donation event. We got to see about 30 students receive backpacks filled with supplies for the coming school year! It was wonderful!

We were also able to give the remaining donations to a small kindergarten classroom in New Haven! The children in that particular classroom are typically from other Spanish-speaking countries and come to school with no prior knowledge of advanced technology and often have very little to no school supplies with them upon arrival. These donations will make a huge difference in these children's education, and we are thrilled to have been part of that!

Till next time!

~Mrs. Dee

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