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The Heart Behind the Vision

As worship leaders and directors, we are conscious of our perspective on church needs. For example, there is a need for sound engineers in most churches; some may be interested but don't have the education. We have crafted a course on audio engineering to help fulfill the needs for audio engineering education. Perhaps your team has other needs, like the need for instrumental lessons or vocal classes. Perhaps you have great vocalists who want to cultivate a healthy worship culture in your church. Maybe you have teams who want to learn to write fresh music and new songs. If you identify with any of the above, we want to get to know you and offer you any help. 

The heart behind YPV Music Studios comes from the desire to work with other worshippers and see them succeed and use the unique gifts they possess. We want to aid the church in their good works, reaching the lost with their music and with the heart of worship. We want to help cultivate a healthy culture of worshipping The Lord in the local church and bring education to elevate and encourage local church volunteers to move forward with their unique expression of worship. 

Learn more about our teachers below!

Our Team 

Denise Rosa, Vocal Coach, Music Teacher, Homeschool Music Resource Director, Worship Leader
Sam Merchant, Teacher, Audio Engineering
Pedro Garcia, Vocal Coach, Piano Teacher, English and Spanish speaking
Spencer Belair, Bass Teacher

     Denise is the owner and creative director of Your Pure Voice Music Studios. The vision of YPV was set in Denise's heart at a young age with the desire to worship in excellence. After studying under Yale graduates, Denise graduated from Victory Bible College with a focus on worship leadership. She continued her education in music and Theater at Oral Roberts University for a time. 

Denise traveled with the Victory Tulsa missions department for several years before moving home to CT, where she met her husband, Ryan. 

     After teaching in the public school system, Denise felt it was time to begin teaching and coaching vocalists. The vocal lessons took off, and she began teaching voice full time. The full vision for YPV Music studios still lives in her heart as it continues to grow. 

     Now Denise works with several church leaders and multiple worshippers to encourage and elevate their unique expressions of worship. 

     Born and raised in Connecticut, Sam started taking drum lessons at twelve, triggering a consequential passion for every part of music-making.


     Utilizing his newfound love at Cornerstone Church, Sam played with the youth and Sunday morning team, eventually leading the youth team and managing church production.


     He studied recording engineering at The Blackbird Academy in Nashville, TN, and spent a year interning for Luke Hendrickson at Bethel Church in Redding, CA. While in Redding, he also worked as an audio assistant in record production under Bethel Music’s Taylor Clack.


     Sam is now eager to use his experience and calling in music production to continue serving the church in a new capacity.

     At two years old, Pedro started developing his voice with church hymnals. At 8, Pedro became a member of the  Unity Boys Choir of New Haven, directed by the late Lilly Perkins. Over a decade, he learned to appreciate contemporary inspirational songs and Baptist-style singing.


   Pedro graduated from Cooperative Arts and Humanities High School and was a member of the high school choir led by Harriet Alfred, where he learned the art of classical choral music. In his senior year, he became a member of the heritage choral of New Haven led by Johnathan Berryman. Pedro learned the heritage and profound fundamentals of "negro spirituals" shortly after being part of the theater production at the Long Wharf Theatre as an actor and vocal ensemble member for three years in The Black Nativity by Langston Hughes. Pedro currently is the music and worship director at his local church and has been for the past 12 years.


     Pedro started coaching shortly after graduating from college, working at Feliciano's Academy for five years, where he focused on the fundamentals of singing and gave musical consultations for recording artists. 

Spencer is a seasoned bassist with over 15 years of experience. He is currently a music director for his local church and bassist with Austin James + The Nomads. Spencer has various ranges of styles but specializes in rock.

Ask for more information or learn more about how our coaches can help you!

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