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The Team

Who We Are

Denise Rosa

Founder & CEO

Denise has been teaching voice for over 10 years. Having studied voice since a young age under the direction of Yale students of music. Denise is the owner of YPV Music Studios and offers lessons in voice and piano. 


Pedro Garcia 

Teacher / Voice

Pedro is a seasoned teacher with years of teaching students of all ages and in several different genres!

Pedro teaches voice and piano in both English and Spanish! 


Nina Santana 

Teacher / Voice

Nina has been teaching voice for more than 7 years!

She is our first out-of-state vocal coach! Lessons with Nina are available online. 

Spencer Belair

Teacher / Bass

Spencer is a recording artist and an excellent bass teacher! Bass is his passion, and he loves to share that with other passionate artists!


Josh Jackson

Teacher / Instruments

Josh teaches many different instruments! 

He is a jazz player and loves to play bass!


Sam Merchant

Teacher / Audio Engineering

Sam is our audio engineering teacher! 

He will coach you on your next project or train groups on the art of audio engineering! 


Call - 203-875-0205
Email -

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