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How much water is enough water?

Nearly every lesson I give, I reiterate to my students that they must drink more water.






However, there is always the question of how much water is enough?

So, I decided to do a little research. As I was reading I came across a suggestion.

A place to start really.

At first the suggestion was to drink a cup of water every half hour.

Now to be honest, that is basically asking to pee, often, and a whole lot. And to be honest, I work full time. I don't have time to be peeing every half hour. So, I went with a cup of water every hour.

I already drink quite a bit of water regularly so I thought that would be a good place to start.

Unfortunately it became abundantly clear that I truly do not drink nearly that much water.

I was using in the ladies room every hour. Which in truth was not ideal that first day. Honestly it was hard to remember to drink the water between everything else I do on a regular basis.

Once my day at work was over and I had to make my way home I took one last pee break and drove home to my lesson studio to give my high notes a run to see if i had in fact drunk enough water to notice any difference.

Well, to my pleasant surprise I have got to say something amazing happened.

1) My higher notes were clear

2)The high register was easier to maneuver through.

3) Allergy dryness was absent entirely

4) My vocal strength was boosted

5) I held tougher notes for longer periods of time with honestly no strain or difficulty.

That vocal practice was incredible. I noticed such amazing freedom in my voice I couldn't believe the measure of change it would make.

After that one day, I have been telling all my students to do exactly that. Drink at least one cup of water every hour.

It is a commitment.

Drinking one cup of water every hour is time consuming and I'm not just talking about the drinking, the peeing is time consuming as well.

But the benefits well outweigh the struggles.


One cup every hour! Try it for yourselves!

If you think you can drink the water every half an hour I would say go for it!

And please let me know your results! I find it fascinating how open and free my voice felt I'd love to hear what you noticed in your voice!

Take the 1:1 challenge!

one cup of water every hour!

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