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New Year New Plans!

YPV has evolved over the years and this year we are ready to start something new! Something bigger than we have ever done before! I can't wait to share!

My name is Denise; I coach and teach music to students of all ages and every walk of life. Before Covid, my business was doing well, and after six years of teaching part-time, I began teaching music full-time. I had built my studio, which was just the start of my plans for my work.

Let me share my vision.

I wanted to build a community of artists who loved music as profoundly as I do. So I planned to create a Performing Arts Center/ school where students of all ages could come and take their lessons and soon have the ability to perform for family and friends.

The school dream was to build others who would love to share their gifts. I want to build a community of creators who are willing to teach others. For example, musicians would teach and share with other musicians, create new music, sing new songs, and record their works together.

A community like this would give children the opportunity to express themselves freely and train their abilities. Imagine the opportunities we could provide, the new talent that could be discovered, and the freedom of self-expression that we could offer.

I plan to build that community.

Let me share my plans with you.

There will be a performance center, a small theater of sorts, classrooms for the students who are taking regular lessons, and finally, a recording studio equipped with all the necessary tools to record and mix the music created by the students.

I want their voices to be shared with the world, whether vocally or through their instruments.

This Performing Arts Center is where I want Your Pure Voice Music Studios to grow.

To achieve this goal, I need your help. I need a location and some materials that will be required like, building supplies and soundproofing for recording spaces. We are also

You can help by donating to my GoFundMe account or through my website.

You can sign up for continued updates on my website.

You can share my blog and GoFundMe page and follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

You can also sign up for lessons or online courses and be part of this growing community.

We call ourselves the YPV family, and we want to share our love for music with everyone who enjoys the craft as much as we do.

You are the key to building a community, and we ask that you support us however you can.

We thank you for being part of this family.

Donations of $1000 or more will be given recognition as part of the YPV family on official platforms. In addition, you will receive a personal invite to the Performing Centers Grand opening and reserved seats to our first recital.

We will be placing a plaque for named donators within the studio once the location is purchased and built. You will be part of the history of our community.

We thank you in advance for your support, and we look forward to the future of music.

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