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You can now purchase a package of 4 half-hour lessons! 

That's one month of lessons! You can download the gift card or order one of ours! 

Choose any of our class options! Voice, piano, guitar, or audio engineering! 


Be confident in your voice.

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Passive learning can be affordable! 

Check out our Learn from home courses today and get started on your vocal journey!

Do you prefer in-person or one-on-one lessons? 

Get started with your choice of one of our coaches! Initiatives are under the pricing and planning tab!

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Start learning from home today

Since the start of the pandemic lessons for vocalists have evolved, we have changed the way we teach, and the way we learn. The new Learn from home courses are available for all who want to take voice lessons. You can learn on your time, and in the comfort of your home. 

Learning can be fun again! You can supplement vocal lessons with learn from home courses and practice with tracks and use the videos and PDFs to help guide you. 

You can get started with courses and book lessons by clicking the link below. 

It is our pleasure to continue to work with you and find a place to find freedom for your vocal craft. 



Each person's sound is completely unique, it is intrinsic to their own DNA. The key to unlocking that pure voice lives in the building blocks of voice lessons. 

Here we find your sound.

Here we move you forward

Here we build you up 

Here give you the keys to unlocking your pure voice.





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