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I want to share some resources with you!

We are finding resources to help to learn!

As a vocal teacher, I also teach piano and music theory. Finding resources to help increase knowledge and practice should always be encouraged! It can be difficult to find a resource that I truly love.

Today I found something I do love.

The website is called

I'll admit it can be difficult for a true beginner student. Some quiz questions require some knowledge of sharps and flats that may not be in place yet for younger students.

However, that should not keep a student from giving it a try.

This particular resource also allows you to scroll down and look at the whole staff to find the answer. Again, beware; the quiz adds flats and sharps and uses ledger lines that can confuse early learners. I still believe it is a great resource. You can purchase flashcards on the site to help support them too.

I am hyper-focusing on the beginner aspect of what this site offers. I want to add that the potential for personal growth is perfect for music students at any age, and they cover theory from beginner levels through advanced music theory!

Just starting? Great, there are resources to practice on this site.

Love jazz and already have a working understanding of music theory? Excellent! They have resources for you too! I am thrilled to share this resource with my students!

What it all comes down to is practice.

You can have your student (any age) freely spend time in practice, you can replay your quiz, you can print your achievement and send it to your teacher, and I love it!

Please go to the website and give it a try! This kind of freedom to test, retry and practice theory is what we need for our music students!

Thank you,, for creating a website that does work! I can't speak highly enough about it!

If you would like to get started with your theory practice you can click the link below.

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