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Talent isn't enough

It is simple, complicated and honest. Talent simply isn't enough. In the past we talked about how it takes more than what meets the eye to sing. It takes the entire body, being completely active at all times for a vocalist to be at their best.

This is not that discussion again, I promise.

The truth is at some point, for every singer, musician, and artist there comes a moment. The first of many moments that they will encounter in their lifetime that will begin to shape the person they will eventually become. This is the moment of testing, the moment of defining you as a vocalist or musician.

It is the moment where one recognizes that they can no longer rely on their talent alone.

The moment where, like a well that has gone dry there simply seems to be no more to work with. No more depth to the talent to ride on as you make your way to your success.

Here at this crossroad you must make a clear and uncomfortable decision.

Should I stay or should I go now?

Truth is I frequently have this discussion with my students. We all reach the point in our work that we realize this area is not as easy as the last one was.

Talent is only able to get you so far. And the unfortunate truth os that in man cases the students who only want to ride their personal talent will only ever get to the end of their simple talent and never make it to the true measure of who they can become because they are not willing to push themselves far enough. They are not willing to be as dedicated or willing to do the work that will force them to grow.

As a teacher who listens weekly to each student, who measures their progress constantly, who gives the good feedback and the honest bad feedback, I have always been able to tell when someone no longer wants to put the time in to their craft.

Earlier on in the years of teaching I found it to be the most disappointing moment for me. To discover that my student does not want to put forth the effort any more. Some would be with me for years and then decide they don't want to sing. And it used to burn a bit.

Now when a student seems to not have the desire to push themselves to where they could potentially be, I have this specific talk with them.

You are not even close to the awareness of the potential that you have, here the ball is in your court and you have to take the time and put in the effort to really see a change.

A person can be exquisitely talented. They can ride that talent as far as it will take them. And often that talent can take them pretty far.

But in truth, someone with less talent and more determination and dedication will go farther.

The choice becomes theirs.

What do you want? Ride it out till it’s over? Or prove yourself beyond what comes easily?

You choose.

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